Hello! After many years of lurking around this site and occasionally posting on another nursing-related forum, I've decided to finally sign up as I have a pertinent question that I hadn't seen directly asked yet (pardon me if it's been asked before). I do tend to be long-winded, so I apologize in advance.

After a year of applications and interviews I finally got accepted to a program that I'm very excited for. It's an integrated program and I will be starting in late May. This week we are at long last starting to get our orientation materials in the mail, and it's hit me that this is really happening. Until I received my hard copy letter from the school yesterday about financial aid, etc, I wasn't entirely sure that my acceptance to school wasn't some sort of psychotic delusion that I had made up entirely.

Anyway, in background to my question, I have been a night shift nurse for years. Prior to this, I was never exactly a morning person even when I did work days at the beginning of my career. At a certain point I have realized, for better or worse, that I'm just not all that "into" the daytime aspect of floor/ICU nursing, least of all getting patients up to walk or up to the chair, especially if they're attached to vents, ECMO, etc. I don't believe that I'm "above" it by any means, I just don't find it particularly intellectually stimulating or enjoyable, which is why I have elected to work nights for the duration of my years in the ICU. It isn't about escaping patient care or learning experiences, it's mostly about avoiding anything too rehab-related. I realize this may not reflect well on me, but it's the honest truth. And so as a result of being on night shift for years, I keep a pretty erratic schedule, quite often even on my days off (my S.O. is a night shift nurse as well, so it somewhat works out socially as we enable each others' poor sleep hygiene).

Well, my night shift days are quickly coming to a halt. We have received our class schedule for the summer semester and I know that I will need to maximize every hour of every day in order to learn the huge amount of material that will be coming at me, + try to have a life + try to get enough sleep. To my surprise, our schedules during the summer semester don't have particularly early mornings (not officially scheduled early mornings, anyway) but I know the fall semester will bring 0530 clinical days M-F.

So does anybody have any advice as to how to break out of this night shift mold, and become a more productive human being in general? I know most of it should be obvious - the good sleep hygiene stuff: get enough exercise, get to bed early, don't watch TV/drink caffeine/alcohol before bed, etc. But honestly this is a pretty daunting prospect. Have any other true night shift nurses out there made the 180 to become morning people once they started anesthesia school? I apologize for how naive this post likely sounds, so don't hold back. I'm honestly looking to make a positive change and I figured somebody out there must have been in my same shoes before and managed to succeed.