Here's some background information about me:

Graduated from a very competitive accelerated BSN program with 3.9 GPA
Previous Bachelors degree in Biology with Pre Medical courses with 3.2 GPA

Before applying to my BSN program I retook some science classes to boost my GPA. I was able to make A's in Gen Chemistry 1, Ochem 1 and 2 with lab, Physics 1 and 2, Biochemistry, and Statistics.

Previous undergraduate research experience with my Bio degree, poster presentations but no publications.
Recently hired into Level 1 SICU.
In my city there are two CRNA programs I'm very interested in applying to with application deadlines of July 2017. One program starts Jan 2018 while the other one starts Summer 2018.
By the time of application deadline I will have 9 months of nursing/ICU experience and if I get accepted i'll have a total of 15-20mo of nursing/ICU experience.

Things I still need to accomplish before I apply:
Take GRE and do really well..
Try to shadow a CRNA at my hospital
Obtain great LORs
I know it looks like I'm in a rush to leave my new ICU job and start school ASAP but I'm 29 yo and really feel like I need to start school before I decide to have more obligations like a SO and kids..

Thanks in advance for your advice!!!