Hi everyone,
So I posted on here last year when I was just starting my BSN, and you all were so helpful with advice. I ended up taking that advice and getting a 4.0 in my BSN and landing a job in an ICU at a level 1 trauma center. I was wondering if it would be advisable to apply to CRNA school after less than a year experience? I think I will be just shy of a full year by next November when a lot of applications open for summer cohorts. If I start in August, by the time school starts, I'll have about 20 months of experience. My stats are as follows:
BSN GPA: 4.0
Previous Bachelors GPA: 3.6
A couple of awards and scholarships
research experience
GRE: Haven't taken it yet
No Certs yet any advisable other than CCRN?
Just starting my ICU job

What do you guys think? I love the ICU, so I wouldn't mind staying. But I also would love to give myself the opportunity to go to school if I would be a competitive applicant. Also, any advice on what would make me more competitive?

Thank you guys so much in advance! I really took your advice to heart last time around, and it helped me be more successful.