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    Default New Grad in 20 bed ICU!

    Hi all,

    First off I want to say that I've been a long time lurker but first time poster. I am a 23 yr old who just graduated from my accelerated BSN program in August. I always had CRNA in the back of my head while going through school after I received a chance to work with one during my clinical. I never realized my potential in school and always doubted myself trying to be admitted into CRNA school due to some past academic mistakes. I started off as premed and my mistake was taking calculus as a freshman which I received a C in. This spiraled into receiving other C's in easy classes such as psychology, sociology, and statistics. To top it off, I could not make the final in my microbiology class so I ended up failing it. I retook microbio and received a B but the F is still hurting my gpa. If you count the F towards my gpa I have a 2.9 but without the F it is a 3.1. By the graces of god, I was accepted to a BSN program. I graduated Nursing school with a 3.1 which isn't the greatest either. Now I am standing at anywhere between a 2.9-3.1 depending on if you keep my past F in the GPA which I'm sure most schools will.

    Long story short, I received an offer to work in an ICU as a new grad. It's a general ICU that receives medical, surgical, and heart cases (just no open heart). I didn't know it was possible for a new grad to start in an ICU in my area due to the influx of new nurses but I'm so happy to say this put a crazy amount of motivation in me to try and fix my academic mistakes from my past and prove I can reach CRNA school to myself. Starting this spring term, I am looking to retake stats, psych, and sociology all online at the local community college. Then in the summer I will retake A&P 1 and also take General Chem 2 as a prereq to Orgo. The goal is to take organic chemistry next fall and then take some grad courses at a university such as statistics, patho, or pharm. I plan to do my CCRN as soon as I am eligible and take my GRE after retaking some classes. Does this seem like a solid plan? Does anyone have any criticism or advice? I am all ears and please be honest.
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