I am preparing to start a front loaded 3 year DNP program this coming May and I am beginning to feel a ton of guilt about it. My husband and I have a combined 6 kids whos ages will range from 7 to 18 when I start the program. My husband thinks I am a fool to feel guilty and lends a ton of emotional support and is willing to financially support us all while I am in school. He is a police officer and will be moving into a new position when I start school which will have him off every third weekend and working 7-3 one day and 3-11 the next. I am concerned that this is going to be really hard on our kids. the first year will be doable because I will at least be physically present at home every night but after that my schedule will be up in the air and require distance rotations as well.

If any other parents who have gone through this and can lend their advice on how to manage life as a student, parent and spouse I would greatly appreciate it!