Quick question to poll all CRNA/SRNAs

Not sure exactly where to put this thread or how to ask but I hope several people will weigh in on this topic (please and thank you)--

So my program was a little deceptive (in my opinion) regarding the cost of attendance. Brief background is that I have a small child and spouse, as I know many others have also been down this road with a family. My rent is about 30% higher than I was made to believe it would be (very seasonal town so rent was very high with few options when starting). My program is basically saying they won't increase the cost of attendance number because I have a dependent even though I believe the fed. allows such on an individual case by case basis (for daycare, formula, diapers, etc.)... I am also told the cost is only for rent and personal needs (i.e. not- car payment, cell, etc.), did I mention the cost of our HEALTH CARE...

Just curious how people made it all work???

The finance guy said I could join the military or get a parent loan (yes that was the solution) that and---> see if I can put my kid on Medicaid and get food stamps... ???

Is this really the solution?

(Health Insurance plus Rent equals about 75% of loans after tuition)

***It looks to me like I would be defrauding the federal and state governments to do this---(medicaid and food stamps) please help with suggestions or ideas of what worked for others.

***I know USAF won't even take Masters students anymore. Not sure if Army or Navy will be right for me but I have reached out to them--

***Parent loan not an option.

***Private loans above cost of attendance not really available these days best I can tell...

***I have also been told that if I work I will not be allowed financial aid.

***I started with substantial savings but I need to find a solution sooner than later. I can not use it all in the first year.

Sorry for long string of questions, please help. Thanks!