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Thread: Should I transfer ICUs?

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    Default Should I transfer ICUs?

    Hey everybody!

    I'm finishing up some courses, and my GPA is finally > 3.1 (200+ units) with my last 120 and 60 units >3.4, BSN 3.6 (Cum Laude honors), CCRN, taking CMC, GRE 303 (1130 old scoring), analytical writing 5.0, I rotate as the hospital's designated rapid response/code nurse, and I'm on a committee. I'm getting ready to apply to multiple schools within the next year or two. I did however put in one app just to get familiar with the process and see what happens, but I digress...

    I've been working in a medical ICU for a year and a half now at a county hospital trauma center with the second busiest ED in our state. I have 3 years of ICU step down experience as well, and work in the float pool at a different hospital and float to ICU, ED, psych, and the floors. Our hospital is busy and always has a high census. ICU patients go wherever there is an open bed. We have two ICUs: a MICU and SICU which are basically connected, but with different managers. We have a mixed patient population with medical, surgical, traumas, and neurosurg patients. Our pt population is very indigent, so we get SICK patients. No STEMIs or open hearts though. We do get NSTEMIs. I like where I work, and love my coworkers. It truly is a mixed ICU...We have a lot of experienced nurses in MICU who are willing to teach and are a lot of fun to work with. Our SICU is full of new grads.

    However, I keep reading that surgical ICU is preferred for applicants. I've floated to our SICU, and it's the same thing. If anything, medical patients usually make up the bulk of both of our ICUs census. I'm considering transferring to SICU just to be able to put it on my resume since this seems to be what anesthesia schools like. Would it be worth it to do this, or will my mixed MICU experience suffice? I'm just hoping that "Medical ICU" doesn't make programs look over my application.

    On a side note, it seems that our medicine patients usually have more titratable vasoactive gtts and are a lot sicker at baseline than our surgical population, and I've learned more patho from sick medical patients. We gets lots of traumas, and they seem pretty cookbook. Lots of fluid resuscitation, with occasional pressors. In terms or learning patho, gtts, and ACLS, I would say that in my experience I've learned most from each pt population in the following order: Medical, surgical, trauma, neurosurg (boring and tedious with subjective GCS assessments and minimal gtts). I know it varies from hospital to hospital, though.

    I can easily transfer to SICU, I'm just wondering if it's worth it. Is SICU preferred just to gain familiarity with procedures and OR staff? Does CVICU (one system) really trump all?

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