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    Default I want to be a GOOD CRNA

    So it's been a long time since I've posted, and just looking for some advice to where I am in my career now.

    I'm a charge RN for an ICU with 2.5 years ICU experience and my CCRN, and when I'm back to bedside (at least once a week, usually more) I do hearts - nothing ridiculous, CABG, AVR, MVR, occasional aortic aneurism/root/bentall procedure. No VADs, centrimags, ecmo, crrt or transplants - thats my wife who does the crazy stuff at a 40-50 surgery/wk heart unit.

    I completed my B.A. in chemistry after I got my BSN, and I have a 2.77 GPA, with my science core 3.4, and my nursing a 3.0, so basically I have a lot of work left to do before I get into CRNA school.

    I'm being courted by a university hospital in chicago, and I'm probably going to take a position in an ICU there, so I can get my masters paid for (because I need that 4.0 or close to graduate GPA with my 2.77 undergrad), that that leads me to my first question: clinical nurse specialist, clinical nurse leader, nurse practitioner. What would be ideal for CRNA school?

    I'm going towards CNS, because I have no inclination to work at a minute clinic which it seems like 80+% of NP jobs are becoming, and because clinical nurse leader students I've met seem to be on a nurse management track - and I'd rather drink clorox bleach before going into unit management anytime in my near or even not so near future. I know those aren't great reasons, but incase CRNA doesn't work out (kids etc) I want to enjoy my fallback plan. Maybe thats stupid. Maybe I should be 110% no if and's or but's gunning for CRNA school and not worrying about a fall back, but I'm a planner, and life happens. For what it's worth, the CNS nurses I know do some fairly cool stuff like bedside but more 'specialized' e.g. line placement, pulling balloon pumps and chest tubes, floating swans in a little more or checking position with a wedge etc... but I'm not sure.

    Is additional school prior to being a CRNA a bad idea? How would an adcom view a CNS or NP applicant? I've had 3 calc courses 2 biochem 2 physics a load of organic etc associated with my chem degree, so while I haven't taken the GRE yet, I'm sure with a few months of prep I can at least score average..

    As far as other things to get ready or prepare in advance or just learn in general, I'm reading morgan and mikhail for the second time, and just picked up big miller (hey if I have a few years before I even apply...might as well use em?), any other advice? I want to be a GOOD anesthetist, not just someone gunning for a bigger paycheck - it's a great bonus, but I seriously care about my patients and respect the profession and want to prepare for the possibility of CRNA in my future adequately.

    As far as money, my and the wife currently rent - so we haven't purchased anything...but we are closing on 200k-225k among a few different types of accounts as I know I'll have to cushion as we'll be on one income for ~3 years. I know thats a huge factor in going back to school, and while I'm proud of what I've been able to scrounge away (working agency on top of my normal gig) I don't know what I should be expecting in terms of bills associated with school etc. We also don't have any kids yet and are 30 and 33 (wife) respectively...

    I've talked to a few schools and emailed a lot of program directors both in Illinois and otherwise and whenever I do manage to get a response I'm kindly told I wouldn't be considered based on GPA, so I know what I have to do if I'm really going to be a CRNA, and I'm cool with that, more just looking for advice going forward from here as I've accomplished a couple of my intermediate goals since I posted last.

    Thanks guys!

    Edit: I think all CRNA's are good - everyone passed the boards. When writing this I just meant all new grads I see today want to do this or NP after 6 months in an ICU, and I don't think thats enough preparation from what I see on the floor...but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a good school teaches you what you need and previous experience isn't all that applicable; again, not a CRNA/SRNA; don't know. I've only been a nurse for 3 years and I still consider myself a greenhorn I guess.
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