I've been a long time lurker here and have picked up some excellent information here. I appreciate the brutally honest nature of some of the comments as well.

I'm at four years of ICU experience now and am beginning to feel ready to make that next step in my career. I've been interested in CRNA for a while, but I do hesitate as despite the fact that most ICU nurses believe that the CRNA job market is a gravy train with 10k+ signing bonuses, 150-200k after a couple years, and 3 day work weeks with no nights or weekends. Posts here obviously paint a different picture.

One of the most useful sticky threads I've read was one from several years back that attempts to pain a realistic picture of the job market for the foreeable future. The main points included way too many new grads flooding the market (too many from substandard schools), stagnant salaries, and very few jobs in many areas. That post specifically is about 4 years old, so I'm curious if anybody could provide an update on how things are these days in the CRNA market. Are things still similar to this now in 2016? Any better? Any worse? I'm also specifically interested in the Texas job market as that is where my family lives, so I'm prefer to be able to work in or around the Houston or DFW markets.

I feel this sort of information is very important for all of us considering CRNA school, and I want to be sure I have a realistic view of the market before I make a decision on CRNA or not.

I appreciate everybody's input!