Long time lurking, first time posting.

I am accepted to Northeastern, Samuel Merritt and OHSU.
My wife and I are wrecking our brains, trying to make a decision among these 3 schools.

I will have to move no matter which one I choose so relocating is not a factor.

I know all three are very good schools. And I am surprised and excited to have been accepted to these 3.

I understand I will be taught to operate under ACT in Northeastern, being in MA (not an OPTOUT state) whereas I will be rotating in all CRNA practice with Samuel Merritt and OHSU.

Cost of living is high near Northeastern and Samuel Merritt, lower in OHSU.

If you are a registered nurse hoping to get the best experience out of the nurse anesthesia education, where would you go?
Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.