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I cannot speak to the other two programs, but I will tell you, that SMU has outstanding clinical experiences.

You get all of Kaiser population in Northern California. This is a LOT of patients to develop basic skills.
You get no fewer than 4 County Hospitals through which to rotate.
You get no fewer than 4 Level 1 Trauma Centers through which to rotate.
You get Several CRNA only rotations, including a Level 1 Trauma Center CRNA only practice.
You get an amazing OB rotation in which 8 C-Sections and/or 12 epidurals in a 12 hour shift are commonplace.

You get it all as far as rotations are concerned. Clinically, I cannot think of a School where you would get BETTER clinical experiences. Maybe many offer just as good, don't know and I am not bashing anyone else. I just know what you WILL get by going to SMU.

Good Luck.
Hey gaspass3, do you know which Level I Trauma Center that operates CRNA's independently in the Bay Area that SMU rotates through? Thanks in advance!