You finish your last scheduled case on a Friday afternoon and are told you will be getting an add on D&C with ultrasound and Mirena placement.
These are usually done TIVA and is requested as such by the surgeon.
You look up the case while setting up her EMR and find the patient is a 54 year old who had this procedure one week ago for heavy bleeding. She was admitted to the ED this morning with recurrent bleeding post loss of her Mirena.
Allergies: morphine (flushing) sulfa (rash)
no OSA or issues with breathing.
Cardiac - NSTEMI four weeks ago with two BMS placed in the LAD
GERD, controlled
no kidney or liver issues, no neurological, endocrine or musculoskeletal problems.
Pt is 5' 3" and 171 kg. Lab work is normal except for an H/H 7.1 and 23.3.
Meds: nexium, multivitamin
What do you do next?