Vasopressin is out of ACLS, but I never understood how it got there in the first place. It and epi are such different drugs, I wonder if loose associations were being made when ROSC occurred in their studies.

It was removed when their studies showed no difference in outcome/efficacy compared with epi, so to keep things simple, vasopressin got the boot.

Anyone in anesthesia can say that giving a mg of epi and 10 units of vasopressin to someone who doesn't need them will have a vastly different effect. The epi is manageable with some aggressive antagonism. The vasopressin could kill before you realized what was happening and for vastly different reasons than the epi would.

Heck, even giving those drugs to someone that does need them improves things for vastly different reasons. How could they ever been considered interchangeable in full arrest?

Maybe they're now just considered equally useless in some circumstances?

Just random musings...