Hi everyone, I was wondering about some insight about ourunique situation. My wife and I both have the grand dream of becoming CRNA's. we both have applied to the same school, and this schoolhas accepted us both. i have read the threads on marriage/relationships with CRNA school. It is safe to say we have a strong relationship. Yet, we have a curve ball, when schook starts we will have a 9 month old to take care of. Daycare/ babysitting will be obviously incorporated, and with family support. I guess the father in me worries about him come time for school and the level of commitment needed. My wife and I make a good team with him and plan on to continue that plan.

I looking for insight with thoughts that have been through school while having little ones, let alone both parents being in school. Financially, Im not concerned, we both are sponsored by hospitals that are paying all expenses, and giving us a stipend to live. Its the time at home after school, caring for him and studying between the two of us i worry about. Its a 28 month program, with a some travel to clinical sights.