I'm having a tough time deciding between providence sacred heart/Gonzaga in Spokane and Barens-Jewish in St. Louis. My biggest concern is which program will give me the best clinical experience so that when I graduate I will be best prepared. The hospital in Spokane is quite literally half the size of Barenes-Jewish and does half as many surgeries annually. Spokane is a Level II and Barenes-Jewish is a Level I. Spokane has no residents while Barens-Jewish is associated with Washington Medical School. Barens-Jewish hospital is nationally ranked in 14/16 specialties and Providence Sacred Heart is ranked in 0/16 specialties. I was told by the SCRNAs at Barens-Jewish that the program is weak in regional and peripheral anesthesia because of a monopoly by the Anesthesia residents. Providence seems to have a built in a strong regional and peripheral component. And although I seem to keep reading that rank does not matter Barenes-Jewish is top 10 while Spokane is somewhere in the 30's.

Does anyone have any personal experience with either program or second hand knowledge to help me make a decision?

Aditionally, Barens-Jewish is an MSN and Gonzaga is a DNAP