Hello, my name is Niki and I am a senior nursing student un Saint John, NB, Canada. I have aspirations of someday attending CRNA school in the US, and like a previous poster in a similar thread, I have questions about getting into the US, namely: CGFNS, and what role it plays in immigration for Canadians.

Here's what I know:

1) I know that for the CRNA schools I'm looking at (UDM & Columbia), my nursing program needs to be CCNE, or NLN accredited. I know that CGFNS has a program for this: the Credentials Evaluation Program.

2) I know that I need a Visascreen Certificate for a TN Visa and /or application for a Green Card. CGFNS also provides this service.

3) I also know that I need to write the NCLEX. . .am I able to write the NCLEX independently in Canada, or do I need CGFNS certification first? I also know that I may be exempted from the CGFNS exam if english is my first language (it is, and I'm not from Quebec). . .

I guess my question is: what services from CGFNS do I need? Doesn't a Visascreen include Credentials Evaluation? Or so I need to do both separately?

HELP!!! This seems to be the biggest hurdle in me trying to figure things out right now!!!