New grads/experienced CRNAs: what were the biggest lessons you had coming out of school? What things helped you the most? What do you wish you would have done?

My lessons/goals so far (at six months into CRNA practice):
1. Be nice. (i.e. treat people with respect, treat patients like your family, act professionally, practice diplomacy)
2. Work hard.
3. Base your practice on evidence - know why you're doing or not doing something.
5. Know your resources (i.e. people, equipment, supplies) or lack thereof wherever you do anesthesia (i.e. main OR, out of department, outpatient surgery center) and act accordingly.
6. Pursue financial goals. Two to start with are: A. Spend less than you make. B. Become debt free.
7. Enjoy your life! CRNA practice is amazing!