Hi everyone,

I've spent the last month re-thinking the field of nursing I want to enter. Originally, I thought I wanted to go into orthopedics (stemming from my love of exercise). I had made contacts, worked with orthopedic/sports medicine doctors, and then found myself on an ortho floor as a nursing assistant and have been here for almost a year (my unit has 31 beds and my hospital recently became a level 1 trauma center). However, now I can't see myself as either satisfied or fulfilled if I continue down this path. For the past month, I've been thinking about what I want/don't want and my previous CRNA/MDA shadowing (pushed onto me in highschool by my father). I've come to realize I enjoyed that one month and would gladly do it again. Though to me, the important part is being the patients anchor throughout the entire perioperative processs (this comes from a permanently imprinted memory from age 5).

My academic problem is gpa. In my freshman year I played too many games (PC/Xbox 360) and just did what I had to do to get by... that ended badly. Then I simply did mediocre work because I figured I was going to do orthopedics for the rest of my life. However, now I'm a senior and after taking a month to consider everything... I want to do anesthesia. My gpa is 3.12 and I have 38 credits left (including the semester I'm in now). As of right now, I am doing well in my classes, but there's nothing I can do to change what's been done. I plan on doing well on the GRE, shadowing more CRNAs, working on CCU/TICU/CVICIU/CTICU/HVICU (w/e I can get myself into), obtianing CCRN... but I'm wondering about taking classes as a non-matriculated student to demonstrate my ability to handle the coursework. I know that the full-time anesthesia students aren't able to work. How well does taking one class while working full-time turn out?