Had an interesting case a CRNA told me about today and thought id share and get some different opinions.

21y/o healthy male presents for emergent lap appy middle of night. Only surgery was a dental procedure which they were didn't know if he received anesthesia meds for that. No family history of anesthetic complications. NKDA.

Initial HR in OR was around 100, pt did fine until close to the end. Des was being used pt had received succ for RSI. Gallbladder was out and pt was back breathing. Etco2 started climbing and pts minute ventilation kept increasing. Pt was breathing 1200 tidal volumes and RR was 25-26 with an etco2 in the upper 60's. Pt steadily increased HR to 170. Temp started around 37.3 and increased to 38.5. Pt was extubated following commands. Pt also had shivering/muscle rigidity so was given 25mg demerol which helped. Pt taken to PACU and by this time temp was 39.7. He received 1gram IV tylenol. Temp started to decrease 10 minutes after the tylenol which was 18 minutes after pt had stopped breathing from anesthesia circuit and nasal cannula applied. Pt had no complaints of pain. 90 minute time from inhalation start to inhalation stop. This patient ended up being fine with no other treatments.

How many think this may have been an MH episode? Can someone have a mild MH reaction? There are probably many different genetic mutations for MH, has anyone ever seen a reaction like this that subsided when the anesthetic gas was taken away?. I read a case study where a healthy teen died after the hospital had administered its entire dantrolene supply and dantrolene barely subsided any symptoms. That pt had a rare genetic mutation for MH as well as mutation for central core syndrome (CCD) which I've never heard of.
I also thought possibly some appy contents spilling and pt having increased temp and HR from that but that seems too fast of an onset and doesn't explain the extreme minute ventilation required. Pt got very hypermetabolic in a short amount of time. Would you talk to the family about the differential diagnosis? Would you have them pursue genetic testing? Anyone know the cost of that?
Curious on the different opinions from here. CRNA also sent the case to the MH hotline.