Hello all! This is my first post to this site despite being a lurker for several months now. I took the GRE yesterday, and my scores are 155 and 147 for verbal and quantitative, respectively. The schools I'm interested in applying to do not give a specific GRE score requirement, rather state, "GRE within the last five years," however I know that my quantitative score is below average. I would have liked to scored at least a 150 in the quantitative section. My question to you all; is it worth it for me to retake the GRE? Obviously I would like to be a competitive applicant, but I wonder if my time might be better served studying for (and passing!) the CCRN exam I'm taking in November, in addition to earning a strong grade in the Chemistry class I'm taking now. I know a few of you have backgrounds in admissions, and I would appreciate anyone's input. Thanks in advance!&nbsp;<br>