Happy Sunday folks!

The much awaited anticipation of getting an interview with a CRNA school has finally arrived. This is my only application to my first school along with my first (and hopefully only) interview. It will take place in 2 weeks. The interview process will consist of;

- Interview with admissions committee followed by SRNA student committee
- Critical care test/ CCRN type of questions.
- Visit to entire facility

My question is how do I properly prepare for the interview? I will focus on the interview crash course pinned on the forums. I will study CCRN questions and review the material thoroughly. Will work on talking in the mirror, assessing my communication skills and work on improvement etc?
How else can I better prepare myself? Also on the interview day, can I shake hands with committee etc? What else should I anticipate..

I understand that I may not get prepared enough to it as I would like (as I am a perfectionist, but who here isn't), however I would like to be ready to take on this interview and blow them away.

Thank you for your time