So this seems to be a great debate, especially among CRNA schools. I was in the process of getting a job in my hospital's MICU, a 36 bed Medical/CCU combined unit. My region/hospital system honestly kind of sucks, and our jobs get frozen despite our union's best effort because of administration's poor budgeting. Basically, I was about to get hired in the unit, and my company froze the position so now I'm back to square one (I currently work on an Adult Telemetry unit). My hospital also has a CVICU, Neuro ICU, and SICU, but with the budgets and job freezes, those have been tough positions to get. I was lucky to have a chance with this MICU job!

So, I re-applied to some jobs, and I have a great chance of getting a job in my city's PICU. It's a Trauma 1 Pediatric Hospital, 20 bed unit with 8 overflow /"Step-down" beds. I always wanted to work in the PICU ever since I was in nursing school, but I figured a MICU would provide me with more experience and make me a better candidate for CRNA.

I guess what I'm asking is, I see in posts that some of you have gone to school with just PICU nurses. I just am on the fence as to whether or not it is a smart move. I know I can get my CCRN through the PICU, and I'm only looking at CRNA programs that count PICU as ICU experience because some flat out say "No PICU". My thought is that because the PICU is just one unit, you sorta get all the different ICUs combined in one, between CV, Neuro, Surgical, and Medical patients. Has anybody here gone through CRNA school after only having a few years of PICU experience?