hi all, my name is john and my goal is to become a crna. i've been an rn for the past 5 years at a pcu / telemetry unit, 1/2 trained as an icu nurse, float to icu/ricu 2-3 x 2 months. i'm currently working on my bachelors degree and will be finishing early next year. i will also be trasferring to icu by sept to meet the icu requirements. at that time, i will also take the gre and apply for several crna programs here in florida where i reside. what's the best crna school to apply for terms of cost, passing %, and admission requirements. some crna schools require gre some don't (memorial hosp rhode island), some require chem 1, chem 1and organic, and some don't require chem at all. what's the best way to prepare for the crna prog and increase my chances of getting accepted. thanks all ..