Hi everyone,
I apologize if this has already been asked. I have gone through most of this forum and hadn't seen anything too recently about this. I read on allnurses that all of the programs are going to be 4 year doctorate programs in a few years. But a lot of the people on allnurses posting in the CRNA/SRNA forum aren't even out of nursing school yet, so I don't know how knowledgeable they are about this. Additionally, I have read that the tentative deadline was 2025 for this change, but I thought that all NP programs had to be DNP programs by 2015... and well here we are and there are still Master NP programs out there. I won't be applying to schools for a couple of years, and I will apply regardless of the length. I just want to be prepared because going from a 2-3 year program to 4 years is a big deal. I know some schools have already started implementing this change, but I think they are 36 months? Let me know if I am totally off base with this.

Also, what is everyone's thoughts on this? Are there going to be more clinicals, or is is just going to add an online component?

Thanks in advance for your comments!