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Thread: Best Options in the Northeast? Anywhere?

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    Default Best Options in the Northeast? Anywhere?

    Howdy all,

    I'm currently getting my little ducks in a row for the application process, hoping to secure a Fall 2016 admission somewhere.

    I'm a nor'easter, and have been looking primarily at Albany Medical College – the big reasons being that it's 1) close to home and 2) offers a pretty sciency MS. Clinically, my understanding is that hearts are still underrepresented – though I think PNB experience has improved in the last couple years, with the addition of a West Point Army hospital rotation. I am not too crazy, however, about the fact that MDAs must induce at their main clinical site. I DO like that their main clinical site is the tertiary facility covering a pretty giant region, which means exposure to a boatload of sick, complex patients (program grads that I've spoken to have been talked favorably about this aspect).

    OK, on to the competition:

    While I've heard strong praise on this site for Midwestern's and National's (fairly young?) programs, and of course USAGPAN, I have no interest in relocating cross-country with every change in clinical rotation, and I'm also not too keen on enlisting. I would, however, be open to relocating for a program requiring regional travel, provided it offers a well-rounded clinical experience, encourages autonomy, has indy CRNA sites, and offers better-than-average case/skills numbers. Do ANY such programs exist in the northeast? And what are some of the top contenders nationwide (above 3 excluded) for providing a comprehensive clinical range and fostering independent practitioners?

    tl;dr: Tell me where I should apply, please and thanks.
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