Hi everyone,
I need advice!!! So I decided to become a nurse a little late in the game. I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field during college so I majored in something that would meet the requirements for med school. Anyway, I got a bachelors degree and then decided to go to nursing school to eventually and hopefully become a CRNA.

I'm doing an accelerated BSN program, which is a total of 12 months. I had to take a bunch of pre-reqs over this past year because med school pre-reqs do not meet nursing school pre-reqs. I've been doing a lot of research so I can prepare myself for what is needed to become a CRNA, and one of my questions is: what GPA do they look at? I am interested in staying in CA, so I have been looking at Kaiser and USC. kaiser says that they look at your GPA from your last nursing degree (BSN or MSN), but my BSN is only 12 months.

My previous bachelors degree GPA is okay. It is about a 3.6, but I did kind of poorly my first year and decided to repeat all my science courses that I got lower than an A in. I got an A in every science course I have taken (except I may have taken it twice). I did get A's in Orgo I and II and physics on my first try because I took those after I learned how to study. I also did multiple research projects in the hard sciences. Furthermore, I went to a top 10 school (this probably doesn't matter, but maybe it shows the calibar of students I had to compete with). For my BSN program they only look at your pre-req GPA and mine was a 4.0.

I guess I am asking if I will be a competitive applicant if I get a 4.0 in my BSN, even with a rocky history and my strange choice to repeat science courses I got Bs or Cs in? What else can I do to make myself more competitive? Thanks in advance for any insight or advice you have to offer me!