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    Default New to Forum- What are my chances type post

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for quite sometime. I am one of those that managed to dig themselves in a nice hole gpa wise before deciding on what I wanted to be when I grew up. After getting a general Associate's degree and not taking things seriously I decided I wanted to be a nurse. Since my gpa was not adequate for acceptance into most ADN and BSN programs I decided to start from an LPN standpoint. I got all As and Bs in that program and managed to get myself into an LPN-RN ADN program, which I will be finished with in Dec. I anticipate my ADN gpa will be no lower than a 3.7. I managed to land myself a job as a Nurse Technician in Critical Care at a level II trauma center last Nov. My manager asked me to apply to ICU jobs starting in Oct so they can schedule my interview (YAY!). From what I understand from previous nurse techs who have been hired on, they are going to ask me where I want to start. I love Trauma and Neuro so those are my top choices at this point.

    About mid-way through my LPN program was when I decided that I wanted to pursue becoming a CRNA, ever since making that decision I have not looked back. My current cumulative gpa is 3.03, with lots of credits, not easy to bring it up. My plan is to start my ICU residency hopefully in Jan and apply to start my BSN part-time in the fall. This should give me two years of ICU experience (probably 1 1/2 after residency) by the time I am ready to apply for the first time. I anticipate that my BSN gpa will be between a 3.7-3.9 (obviously I plan on working as hard as I can to get all As).

    So my question is, I know I meet the minimum cumulative cut off of a 3.0, but if I keep applying myself and working my plan, is it possible that I could actually end up being a competitive applicant? This all started as kind of a pipe dream.... I also intend on getting my CCRN and prepping and kicking butt on the GRE.

    I know there have been SO many of these posts, so thank you to anyone who is willing to give some input!
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