Hey all,

I have been lurking for a while, finally finished first application to a CRNA program and wanted to get a bit of insight.

Stats: 29 years old, 3 years OR (couple hospitals, mostly specializing in trauma at a big level one teaching facility, charge nurse, committees etc), recently transferred to medicine ICU in the same teaching facility hoping to become a CRNA (1yr experience at 1st application, many likely to follow . CCRN, ACLS, PALS, BLS, taking GRE soon. 3.5 total GPA, 4.0 science GPA.

I have a couple questions. I have completed three official shadowing experiences (first before becoming a nurse, 2nd while finishing nursing school, and the last recently to fulfill an application requirement) and I was wondering if I should keep shadowing. I feel like I have developed a reasonable working knowledge of the career by worked side by side with CRNA's for thousands of hours (not saying I understand what they do clinically, just the stuff you would glean from watching and assisting) so I was wondering if that was something the adcom would take into account or if I should just get as many hours as possible shadowing. Also should I get some supplemental LOR from the CRNAs I have worked with (read: been in the ugly cases with) or will that just look out of place? Also a couple of the anesthesiologists have offered LOR, would this be worth their time or should I stick to current ICU staff?

Thank you for any wisdom, I really appreciate this site and its contributors.