First post here. I'm in line to possibly be accepted into a new grad RN position in a cardiac ICU in Las Vegas, and I've always been very interested in becoming a CRNA. I have a 3.4 BSN GPA and 3.4 cumulative GPA (I haven't taken the organics/physics yet), so I understand that my academics are up in the air; I'll need to have strong grades in the classes I haven't taken yet, a strong GRE, CCRN and other certifications, and a strong interview to have any shot at getting into a school. I have a few questions:

1) Which states or schools do you recommend (or NOT recommend) in terms of having a well-rounded CRNA clinical experience? I understand that there are certain states where CRNA's are extremely limited in terms of what you CAN do in clinicals and on the job. I'm curious as to which states you folks have experience in, and how you feel about that state's ability to cater to SNRA education/experience.

2) How do you feel that SNRA experience is affected by being affiliated with Anesthesiology residency programs? Is no affiliation usually a positive thing because of not having to split cases between residents and SNRAs? Or is there a balance between the negative aspect of cases being distributed vs. the positive aspects of interactions with residents?

3) What other factors do you think are important for me to keep in mind regarding choosing a school that can cater to students' clinical experiences?

Sorry if these questions are very uninformed - I'm just trying to get a better understanding. In the end, I'll definitely be happy to get into any school that will take me. However, I feel that I should at least have an idea of which states/schools/factors I should keep in mind when it comes to thinking about clinicals as an SNRA.