First, let me thank everyone who answers this post. I'm applying for nursing school next spring and I plan on starting next fall at our local community college. From there I plan on getting my BSN and going back to Active Duty. (I have 2 years Army, 2 years Army Guard and by then I'll have 10 years Air National Guard). I'm trying to decide if I'd rather be a Nurse Practitioner or a CRNA. Right now, I'm thinking CRNA. The more I read about the job of a CRNA the more I fall in love with it.

So, my main question is how do I become a CRNA? I am trying to decide between attending CRNA school before either on my own dime (loans) or HPSP scholarship and just applying for CRNA school once I get back on Active Duty. So my other questions are:

1.) Is it true that the military Udoesn't allow civilian CRNAs to commission?
2.) If I join the military as a BSN, how do I become a CRNA and how difficult is the process?
3.) Where can I find out more about the military CRNA programs?
4.) For my current CRNAs, why is CRNA school so difficult? Is it the long hours and vast amount of information or is it the complexity of the information?
5.) Lastly, what rank does one get after becoming either a Nurse Practitioner with 2 or 3 years nursing experience or a CRNA with one year of nursing experience? Is it 1st Lt because it is a Masters program?

Also, please keep in mind that I am already in the military and I know it is difficult right now to get on as a nurse. I believe I can do it and on the off chance that I can't, I will just stay in the Air National Guard. I only say that because in the past, people would just reply to my questions saying things like "You probably won't be able to become an Active Duty nurse" and don't even address any of my questions. Also, keep in mind that I don't have any nursing experience currently so don't be afraid to simply. Thank you guys and I hope each and every one of you have a great 4th of July weekend.