Hey folks-I'm new to the site here. This is an excellent forum! Have already found several useful threads in the hour that I have been looking through things. I found out last week that I am lucky enough to have gotten an early acceptance interview at UAB coming up in 3 weeks. Was wondering if anyone on here has recent experience with the interview process at UAB and might can offer some tips?? I have heard mixed things about the interview from former students; one said he wasn't asked a single clinical question, but that they were more interested in how he planned to pay for the program and why he chose UAB.

To add, I consider myself to be an ER nurse. I have worked 2 years in a busy, high acuity ED and recently took a part-time job as the Clinical Nurse Educator in the department. I took a full time in the Trauma/Burn ICU at UAB in 2013, which was short lived for reasons that aren't discussion worthy on this forum.

stats: GPA 3.75, below average GRE.. but I do have CEN and CCRN certification.

Any insight from anyone is greatly appreciated.