I am new to this site, but I have perused through some of the threads and have found the information very helpful. I was hoping to receive some feedback about my situation.

I have been working in the CVICU in a university medical center since June, 2014. This is my first and only job since graduating nursing school last May. I am applying to anesthesia school this summer. I am concerned that though my experience is solid as far as the acuity of patients go, the school will look down on my lack of years of experience. On my unit I have cared for every kind of patient: ECMO, IABP, LVAD, heart/lung transplant, CABG, valves, thoracotomies, etc. I even began precepting after only 6 months on the job. So, I believe that the quality of my experience is good.

Here are my stats from school:
BSN GPA: 3.82
Science GPA: 4.0 (including organic chemistry taken this spring, 2015)
GRE 320

I also have my CCRN and am currently studying to obtain my CSC.

Im going to apply, but I suppose I was just looking for feedback about what to expect during the process. Im confident in my scores and abilities, just curious as to what everyone else has experienced as it pertains to this!

Thank you in advance!