Hello current CRNAs and SRNAs!

I've been working towards this for awhile. I'm finally getting all of my ducks in a row to apply next year. I love critical care so far, and I think anesthesia would be like working in critical care on steroids, which I think I would enjoy. Looking at the numbers though, it makes me wonder if it really is worth it for a California RN to go into the debt:

My current RN biweekly pay working 4 12 hour shifts/week: $4038 with an after tax take home of $2834 claiming married with 1 dependent. Monthly take home of $5668.

Potential biweekly CRNA pay: Assuming a starting pay of 150k (which I think would be achievable in Southern California): $5769 with a take home of $3809. Monthly take home pay of $7618. Our local school is 100k. Looking at a different out of state school they say the average student loan debt including cost of living is 150k. Paying that back over 20 years leaves you with a payment of $1254. $7618-$1254 = $6364. This leaves me with an take home pay of $6364 after student loan payment. 6463-5668 (current take home pay) = $696. A lot of work and extra debt for an extra $696. If pay is increased to 175k (California average), take home goes up to $8672. $8672-1254 = $7418. 7418-5668 = 1758. An increase of 1758. This makes it look a little more attractive.

A local hospital pays RNs $60/hour. 48hrs/week x 48 weeks = $138248. with a gross biweekly pay of $5317, net pay of $3555. A monthly pay of $7110. $7418 (175k CRNA pay)-$7110 (RN pay at $60/hr) = $308. Not a huge increase in pay, but I guess the question is do I really want to work as an ICU nurse for the rest of my life, and is the increased level of respect along with increased autonomy worth the level of debt that I would get myself into with CRNA school? It seems like a much better deal in states where nursing isn't unionized and are paid poorly. It also seems like a better deal if one is willing to move to a rural area where cost-of-living is low and pay is high.

Since current CRNAs know best about the current job market, would you do it all over again if you were in my shoes? I'm not worried about the lost income from not working for 2-3 years. It's just that if I put the work in to do this, I want my standard of living to be increased at least a little bit, for my wife's sake.

I am HIGHLY considering USAGPAN, but who knows if I would get in? I think if tuition and cost of living is paid for, it would definitely worth it. Plus I get to travel and serve my country (which is something I always wanted to do anyways, but avoided because of the low pay). It sounds awesome, just not sure if my GPA would be competitive enough for USAGPAN!!