Hi, I'm new to the forum and I had a quick question for you all. I was diagnosed with a recurrent affective disorder (similar to bipolar but with some schizophrenic features) while in nursing school. I was hired to a CVICU directly out of nursing school about 6 years ago. I've worked in high stress environments since that time and have excelled. However, I did have one rehospitalization after a relapse approx. three years ago when I was off medication. I then successfully documented my recovery through a two-year peer assistance program ordered by my board of nursing. I do not anticipate having any further issues with the illness.

Anyway, I am considering becoming going to school for nurse anesthesia. Are there going to be issues with getting into school or getting licensed? It's the only negative I think I would have to becoming a CRNA. I had a 3.8 GPA, an 1390 SAT score (so I don't anticipate the GRE being difficult), and a wide variety of experiences in the combined Neuro and CV ICUs where I now work. Do you have any suggestions?