I've been on here for a year now just lurking while working on my CRNA prereq's and finishing my RN-BSN program. Well, now stuff is getting real and it's application time.

My question is about references.

So far I have 4 references ready if I need them. One from an RT, one from an Attending MD, one from a Midlevel, and one from a CRNA.

If given the option of using say 2/4 available, which ones do you think would be the strongest?

The RT I have known for about 2 years. The MD and the midlevel have both known me since I was a brand new wet-behind-the-ears nurse and the CRNA I have shadowed just a few times.

My second question is: when you have applied, what happens if you are not able to get a recommendation from your Unit Director/Manager? I have emailed the schools that I am applying to letting them know it is an issue but if I were to use an alternate, would the Attending be the best option?

Thank you for your advice.