Hello Everyone,
I have a few questions regarding CRNA profession and job outlook so I hope I can get non-biased answers. As a background, I have been an adult NP since 2011 and recently Acute Care NP (post-masters). Although I love what I do, I still want more. After doing rotations in the OR during RN school back in the day, I have fallen in love with anesthesia but life got in the way and I couldn't pursue my dream of being an MD. Now at 32, my finances are in place. I'm married have a child and a supportive family. I want to know if I should just bite the bullet and go on to med school or continue through nursing and do CRNA. A few issues I have with CRNA (especially after reading studentMD) is the sheer hatred towards you all from anesthesiologists. Is this what you encounter day to day on the job? I also have read that you predominantly do "bread and butter" cases and not the more difficult open hearts, trauma, transplants, etc. I hope to remain in los angeles whatever path I choose, so I would like to know what the environment is like here in la. Also, I keep reading the doom and gloom predictions that there are just far too many crnas out there and it will drive down wages and positions especially in la. Is this the case? Also, in la do you get to practice independently after gaining experience/comfort? Besides hospitals, where else do you practice? I appreciate all your responses. Thank you.