Hello everyone/anyone,

My husband is currently applying to civilian and the army CRNA programs, it looks very much like he will get into the Army (Fort Sam) program and has an interview with Samuel Merritt and the Midwestern program in AZ. What I am specifically wondering is advice on which way to go. We have two children-I homeschool- one is 10 years and one is 14 years. The concern is the 14 year-old and that she will be graduating when my husband graduates if he goes Army.
That is just one concern, my husband is a reservist currently, and has no real clue when I ask what the pay is Army vs civilian. I know that the Army program is excellent but am not sure if it the best choice for a family. I currently do not work and will probably have to work either way, but is it worth it to sign away the next 8 years of our lives to the Army in exchange for his education? If we did civilian we may have enormous student loans but I have heard that many civilian hospitals offer great sign on bonuses and obviously the starting wage would be higher than Army wages. I am very confused on what the breakdown would actually be between the two, and would love any input from anyone with insight. I have so many questions and when I ask my husband he says he doesn't know- which it is terrifying to try make life decisions- with I don't know answers! Is the Army program security that much better? Would it be better for us to stay civilian and have a debt-burden but not be at the mercy of the Army? How much does a civilian CRNA start at? How much does a Army CRNA start at? Is it possible to work as a civilian on the side of your Army commitment? How hard is it to get living loans while in school? We need more information and where do we get it from???

Which way would you go and why??

Thank you for ANY help in this!

Seriously having a nervous break down,