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Thread: Would you do it again NOW?

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    Default Would you do it again NOW?

    Hey guys,
    I have been following the CRNA developments in the US for some time now. Aside from admiring you all for your hard work, autonomy and clinical knowledge, I am debating whether this is the right path for me.
    A few things about me: I am Canadian RN, 3.9 + GPA (sorry a bit nerdy), love sciences, could not work much in ICU yet, but this is not the main obstacle. I could probably land an ICU job in months, if I want it bad enough, and spend a couple of years getting residency and US experience. As long as I have income, working a few more years as a nurse would not be a problem. I currenty live and work at teaching hospitals in Toronto. I have also done agency work for 3 yrs full time, which allowed me to have exposure to different settings and equipment, as well as polished my ability to work close to perfect (medication mistakes/any variation of mistakes are tabu when agency) + 2 yrs of oncology/surgical nursing. I wanna be an advanced practice nurse, but the NP programs at some places are ridiculous and pumping out grads as if it is a 1 year Elementary Education course. I would rather do nothing than that.
    So, here I come to your lovely forum and find out you are all serious clinicians. Quite impressive, I must admit. I am serious, despite my tone.
    However, I hear you are talking about sub-par programs and sup-par grads and I am thinking: "I do not want anything sub-par when holding people's lifes in my hands". I mean, this is a flag. My question is: How do these sub-par grads and programs infuence your profession? Are the new grads from decent programs having trouble landing good jobs, due to Mr. X from the Sub-school willing to accept any offer for any pay, as long as he can pay back school debt before his first lawsuit.
    Would you do it again NOW? Be honest, I have some big sacrifices to make on the road.
    My post would probably pertain to job satisfaction as well, but I am mainly interested in job market / ability to maintain your status when facing some over-supply. And I suspect, this is relevant mostly to new grads and not to established providers.
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