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    Default GPA...MSN first or no?


    I've decided I want to pursue nurse anesthesia. I recently shadowed an MDA, and anesthesia really interests me. It's not the money. I would honestly do it for the same pay I make now. I love the level of critical thinking that goes along with it, and I see myself enjoying the career very much. Anyways, I know that I still need to shadow a CRNA. I have worked in intermediate care for the last couple of years. I just recently started in a large academic level 2 trauma hospital's MICU in a lower income area that takes a lot of traumas and surgical overflow. It is not level 1 because there is no PICU. Our unit takes crashing peds patients prior to transferring them out to the local PICU. Our ER is one of the busiest in the state, so we see a lot of different hings. A lot of people have gone on to NA school from this unit. It is awesome so far, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm learning so much, and I wish I applied to ICU sooner. I've been an RN for about 3 years. I've worked med/surg, tele, intermediate, and now I'm in ICU at a different hospital. As soon as I have a year of ICU I plan to take CCRN. I also usually interview very well due to my sales background.

    I started college at 18. I pretty much partied HARD the first couple of years. I made a lot of life long friends, and had a lot of great times, but my GPA reflects it. My focus was women, football, & alcohol. I was a pre-physical therapy major. I ended up enrolling in an LVN (cali version of LPN) program since I felt like I was wasting money at a local university, and this program was basically free. I worked med/surg and then decided to get my RN. I worked full-time through both my RN and BSN program. My BSN GPA was 3.59. I did have to withdrawal from a course because my book did not arrive on time and I missed a test. The instructor was not understanding. My overall GPA is 3.01 spread across 190 semester units. My science GPA is about 3.3. I got an F in a&p 2 the first time due not showing up, but retook it when I was a little more serious and got the only A in my cohort. I have a c+ in A&P 1, B+ in micro, B in chem, B in physics, an A in a combined a&p course, and an A in undergrad pharmacology. The gist is, I know I'm capable, but I never really thought of grad school until now. I was just coasting through to get my RN, and worked full-time throughout. I recently had a local FNP recruiter trying to convince me to apply saying I'm guaranteed admission based on my experience and employer, but after much thought, I'm not really sure that I would enjoy clinic work at this point in my life. NPs are also known to make a little less than staff nurses here in California, so I have some coworkers who currently have PT side gigs as NPs, and work PT as staff nurses to supplement their incomes.

    Should I enroll in a grad program to take pathophys and pharm? Would a competency based school like WGU who only gives out a B grade suffice? Their entire MSN program can be done for 7k in two semesters. Should I just finish an MSN program to boost my GPA and show that I'm capable of grad level courses? The local FNP program will let me take path and pharm for about 5k. The entire program is 40k, so I'm a little unsure of that. Also, is biochem required by most schools? Anybody know of any place I Can take biochem online??

    I'm also looking at a couple of schools in Puerto Rico. They're accredited, and I'm OKAY with Spanish since I live in California and have a lot of Spanish speaking friends. The programs are taught in English though, and I hear they love Americans because PR grads don't have to take boards to practice there, thus lowering the school's board pass rate. Americans HAVE to take boards to practice, so we increase their board pass rate.

    Anybody think I stand a chance? Should I get an MSN first? Do PR schools seem too sketchy? Studying abroad seems like an awesome life experience. I have talked to someone who attended the program and she is employed and working here in the states, and she has minimal student loan debt as the program is 18k total. My first choice would be a school here in states, but 18k in a low cost of living area is difficult to overlook! I plan on applying to multiple programs, but if a program in PR was the only one to accept me, I would definitely go. The wifey is 100% willing to relocate anywhere.
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