Currently I'm at a small community hospital, 100 beds, 12 bed ICU. We see everything except trauma, transplants, and only do about 1 heart every two weeks. It is 30 miles away, 30 minute drive and I'm being paid crap money because I started out there. I was on the PCU floor for 9 months, then I've been in the ICU for 8 months. I feel like I'm ready to move on and experience something new.

I interviewed for VA hospital which is slightly larger, 12 beds, and they see about 1 heart every day, no traumas, but everything else. It is 5 min away, probably much better pay as well, plus the awesome benefits.

The problem is, they offered me a critical care float pool position(float between step down and ICU), not the ICU position. I'm not sure there is a break down of how much you will be in the ICU...I'm sure it is ever changing. They said that I could move into ICU position in as little as 4 months if a position comes open. I probably wouldn't start until mid February once all the paper work is completed.

I will be ready to apply to schools in May of this year and I am really torn on this decision. I need full time ICU work for schools, but, at the same time, I am not happy with my current job. I'm not getting paid what I should, the drive is racking up miles on my car and the experience is lacking.

Does anyone have any similar experience? Is this type of float pool work accepted? I'm sure I'll just have to email my prospective schools, but just wondering if anyone has any advice.