Hey everyone, I'm compiling a list of schools that I want to apply to this year and had a couple of questions about TCU and TWU (Texas Wesleyan) clinical sites.
Which clinical sites are recommended, and which should I try to avoid? I'm not a huge fan of the large class sizes these schools have, and the fact that there are so many clinical sites makes me wonder how they know students get a good experience at each site..
If anyone could provide specifics about any of these schools' sites I would greatly appreciate it. I'm interested in things such as number of cases, competition with residents/other srnas, maximizing experience in regional anesthesia, and learning under independent CRNAs, and most importantly feeling comfortable practicing independently after I graduate.
Any other tips/advice would be appreciated. And let's keep this thread focused on clinical sites, I've done my own research on the schools themselves, so I don't want this turning into a bunch of people arguing over which school is better.