Hey yall!

I am an RN with an associates degree in nursing, currently getting my experience in the ICU to hopefully one day apply to CRNA schools in the future. I also have a bachelors degree from a state university in Nutritional Sciences/Pre-Medicine with a gpa above a 3.5 (yes I have taken all 8 hours of physics including labs, and 21 hours of chemistry including chem1,2 (with labs) orgo 1,2 (with labs) and biochemistry.

My question is this, should I pursue and attain my BSN degree before sending in applications for CRNA schools? In my own mind, I believe the answer to this question is probably yes, but I wanted to get the forums take on the question. There is a university in my area that offers a BSN degree almost fully online with some class attendance necessary at times during the 30 credit hours of course work it takes to complete the degree, so I should be able to handle the work load considering all I've ever known and been accustom to is tons of school work, and work.

I'm sorry if I wasted your time reading my question, I'm just a curious student/young professional who desperately wants to become a CRNA and improve myself as a student and person at all times!

Thanks yall!!!!! have a great holiday month.