Hello everyone,

Sort of new here, have been lurking around the site for a while so decided to make an account. I will be on the process of applying soon and would like to know if there are other things that I can add to my application or improve on in order to have a strong chance of being accepted to an in state CRNA school in Florida.

My resume:
BSN - GPA 3.75
Science GPA 4.0 (Chem, Organic chem, biology, A&P, microbiology, pharmacology)
1.5 yrs ER experience
2 yrs ICU experience (SICU and MICU combined) - 36 beds
80 hours shadowing a CRNA

Lastly I will be taking the GRE soon.. So basically how can I improve from here? Would obtaining a job in CVICU make me a better candidate, other courses etc?

Thank you