Hey all. At the age of 22 I met a friend who was a nurse. She told me all about her job and the many different areas a nurse could practice. At that age I had little direction in regards to what I wanted to be in life. However, deep down inside I was always fascinated with medicine and healthcare as a whole. I had pondered becoming a pharmacist shortly after high school, but back in those days I was severely in-confident and never thought I had what it took, so I didn't even try. I eventually lost contact with that young nurse, but I never stopped thinking about nursing. I read about the occupation day and night, and I visited many nursing schools. The fact that advanced practice existed (FNP/CRNA) was the main selling point for me. I finally made my choice and had my heart set on nursing.

More motivated than ever, I completed my associate nursing program at 25, graduating with honors. I had also discovered that I loved the O.R. and I admired the CRNA’s, I now wanted to be one. My plan was to work at the bedside for a while then move into advanced practice. During clinical rotations in school I was drawn to ICU, I love focused care, I love to know every detail about my patient. I’m also drawn to the sheer look and sound of the ICU. ICU would be perfect for me I figured, it would make me eligible for CRNA school all while working in the environment I liked.
Unfortunately for me, the job market slapped me right in the face. No one wanted an ADN nurse in acute care (in my area). It didn’t matter how good my grades were. I tried over and over again. Eventually I met someone who got me a job on med/surg, I was thankful, at least I was headed in the right direction. Its been roughly 2 yrs and I’m still on med surg. I’ll be finished with my BSN program in a few more months. The problem is I still cant get into the ICU.

I’m 28 now. But I want to be an anesthetist just as much as I did when I was 25. But I must admit, I feel as if it may be many more years before I get into ICU and get the necessary 1-3 yrs experience. I’ve put a lot of things on hold in my life in “preparation” for anesthesia school. I’ve put off buying a home; I still live in a tiny bedroom at my parents house, etc… (im trying to save as much as I can). I sometimes wonder how much longer I want to delay things “waiting” for an ICU position. It seems as if no one in my area wants to train a med surg nurse. Yet ironically I know of new grads that land ICU residencies….

I’m hoping once I have the BSN things will change. Anyone here have tips on getting into an ICU? Tips aside from moving out to a far far away rural area, for specific reasons i need to stay somewhat close to NYC at this time.

Anyhow sorry for the long rant. Any encouragement appreciated! Thanks everybody