A 28-year-old multiparous woman at 35 weeks EGA presents with complaints of “abdominal tightening.” On physical exam, her vital signs include HR 92/min, blood pressure 108/72 mmHg, and respiratory rate 20/min. Heart and lung sounds are normal. There is no history of any other complaints, and the abdominal tightening is determined to be Braxton-Hicks contractions. Which of the following ABG values would be MOST expected in this patient?

A) pH 7.27 pCO2 26mmHg pO2 92mmHg Hco3- 12mEq/L
B) pH 7.44 pCO2 30mmHg pO2 103mmHg Hco3- 20mEq/L
C) pH 7.37 pCO2 35mmHg pO2 98mmHg Hco3- 23mEq/L
D) pH 7.47 pCO2 40mmHg pO2 100mmHg Hco3- 29mEq/L