For so long I was absolutely bent on being a doctor, but as I researched more and more and continued to take an interest in healthcare, I decided that a possible career as a CRNA might be for me--this of course is subject to change.

I just wanted to make an introduction to the forums.

I live in Florida and tomorrow I am starting my first semester in college. I did extremely well in high school and am excited to see where the college journey takes me. I have at times taken an interest in nursing and could see myself doing that as a career but I would pursue it seriously with the intentions of one day becoming an CRNA. I've lurked on the forums for a couple of weeks and found this place to be extraordinarily positive and welcoming (unlike some other forums I've visited) and I just wanted to sort of make a formal "hey, I'm here." So... Hey, I'm here!

Look forward to participating in these forums.