After the induction of general anesthesia using fentanyl and propofol in a 45-year-old 120-kg woman, you paralyze the patient with 12 mg of vecuronium intravenously. After allowing the vecuronium to take effect, you attempt to intubate, but have a Grade 4 view and are unable to do so. The patient begins to desaturate. You stop laryngoscopy and attempt to ventilate the patient using bag-mask ventilation, but you are now unable to ventilate despite trying both one and two-handed techniques and placing an oral airway. Vital signs are the following: blood pressure 140/76 mmHg, heart rate 103, SpO2 78%. What should be your next step in the difficult airway algorithm?

A) Attempt alternative approach to intubation
B) Attempt/consider supraglottic airway device (LMA) placement
C) Return to spontaneous ventilation
D) Emergency invasive airway access