So, I work in a small community hospital ICU, 12 bed, 115 bed total in the hospital. The other day we get a late post op admit and one of the CRNAs is bringing the patient back, I ask him where he went to school and it turns out that he went to a DNP school near me and just so happened to be the director of the school for several years.

I will be finished with my BSN in December; with plans to add a few chemistry courses afterwards to boost my resume. By May 2015 I should have everything in line to start applying to schools. My question is...

I am fully qualified for the school that this coworker used to be the director at and with his reference it might aid in me getting into the school, but obviously that isn't a gaurentee. Is going the DNP route(deadline september) worth the extra year of school and one less year of CRNA pay?

There will be several other MSN schools that I can apply to earlier(deadlines in May), but I know that this particular school has very good PNB and regional anesthesia experience, as well as central lines.