I don't have time to give all the background info on this patient, but I'll fill it in later. I will say that the guy is poor historian with recent short term memory problems. Bilateral lap IHR and UHR. 200 fent. 2mg versed, prop, 40 roc. Intubated. He had 2/4 or more twitches throughout. Total 70 roc given. Ok, so when I induce, I give Roc and his arms seem to fasiculate.. I look at vial...it is roc. Syringe has the roc sticker off the vial...it is roc. End of case, 3/4 twitches. I give full reversal dose of 5/0.8 and expect to see him pick up his spont. rr. Nada. I check twitches...1/4 with 2-3 sec sustained tetany. Hmmm. Pt's sv starts and he's 20/min with VTs in the 100s. He is not awake, so I reluctantly decide to titrate in tiny doses of narcan until I see some kind of awake response, improved SV, or pain. I see pain and pt waking...no improvement of VTs. He is weak and still 1/4 twitches. Take him to PACU and vent him on ps14 peep6 and titrate that down as he gets stronger. He gets extubated 30 minutes later and seems to be doing fine. Getting ABG now. Anybody ever see Roc act like Succs? What's going on here?