Hello all!

I have been researching CRNA schools for a while now, and am in need of some answers that some of you may be able to provide.

I want to go back to school very soon, but I have a TON of student debt...4 year biochem, 1 year med school, and an accelerated BSN program. It is my goal to gain admission to a program that will pay for my tuition. The two schools I have narrowed it down to are Cleveland Clinic's program, and USAGPAN.

I know that the Army program is sensational, and I would be open to attending if I was to be accepted, but I would really like to know more about the CC program. Has anyone on here graduated from the cleveland clinic program? Anyone employed there and know the type of experience the students receive while in clinical or how much autonomy CRNA's have in the hospital system?

I want to be prepared to be an independent practitioner, I want to learn everything that I need to ensure my patients get the best care possible when I am assigned to them. I am aware that some schools do not have strong clinical experience in the way of regional anes., insertion of lines (CVC, A-Line, Etc...), as well as other facets of the profession that are required to be at the top of your profession. Does the cleveland clinic program offer these experiences, do CRNA's at cleveland clinic have the ability to practice these skills on a regular basis...or do they sit on a stool while the MD does everything and leaves while the CRNA watches the monitors?

If anyone has some answers to these questions it would be awesome! Also, if anyone knows of any other programs in the Ohio area that offer these experiences during their programs and truly train their students for independent practice please let me know. I will pay whatever it takes to go back to CRNA school as long as the program truly prepares me to be the best practitioner I can be, I just may have to wait a little bit longer!

Thanks Everyone!